His Excellency Zoltán Gábor Fodor-Lengyel

Academicians of The Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Cádiz

Honorary of the Gold Cross of Merit of the Republic of Hungary

Knight of the Knighthood Order of 1956

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He was born in Budapest, on March 1st 1963.

He began his studies in fine art as Erno Fischer’s private student, then continued learning at the Department of Graphics at the Sorbonne University, meanwhile also studying in Hungary at the Department of Hungarian Language and Literature and History of the Eotvos Lorand University.

He was twenty years old when he opened his first exhibition in the French capital, where he made an exclusive contract with Galeria Art 3000, of which gallery he later became the managing art director and co-proprietor in 1986.

From the beginning of the 80’s to present day he has organized nearly 200 exhibitions in Hungary, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Great-Britain, Spain, Russia, Italy, Serbia, Romania, and the United States.

He is living and working in Madrid and managing the contemporary Spanish-Hungarian Foundation he established, the Fundación Apoyo el Arte.

He is member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, and Academician of The Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Cádiz.

He is a member of the Friends of Hungary Foundation and the president of the Panorama World Club in Spain.

Many of his works can be seen in international collections, on the walls of institutions and contemporary museums, and public spaces.

He created the 1956 “Patria-Homeland” monument in Madrid, Spain.

During his career 13 of his books have been published, nearly a hundred publications released, and we can see the reproductions of his work in graphic, ceramic creations and other publications and on front pages as well.

Several television documentaries have been made about his life and work for the television channels of various countries, and he has been the focus of nearly 400 reports and other media appearances.


1988 Goya International Grand Prize in the Arts (Belgian-Spanish Association)

1997 Olympic Movement Prize

2006 Alvaro Mutis Prize

2007 Academic tittle of the Royal Academic the Fine Arts of Cádiz

2008 Gold prize of the Royal Academic the Fine Arts of Cádiz

2009 Spanish Federation of Journalist Award

2011 Cegléd City Prize

2016 Gold Order of Merit of the Association Europe´s Economic and Competitiveness

2016 Amigo de la Decana Prize

2017 Escalera del Éxito Prize

2017 Honorary of the Gold Cross of Merit of the Republic of Hungary

2018 He will be Knight of the Knighthood Order of 1956

2018 “For Hungarians in the world” Art Prize

2019 Olympic Artist Prize

2022 He will be Knight of the European Order of Wine Knights

Individual Exhibitions (selection)

1984 Gallery Art 3000, Paris, France (also in 1995, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989)

1985 Gallery Rochefoucauld, Paris, France (also in 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989)

1986 Museum of Fine Arts, Kaposvár ,Hungary

1986 Exhibition Hall of Circulo Catalan, Madrid, Spain

1987 Exhibition Hall Sinagoga , Zalaegerszeg, Hungary

1987 Gallery Unwin, Berlin, Germany

1987 Gallery Church, London, Great Britain

1988 Exhibition Hall Melia Castilla, Alicante, Spain

1988 Gallery Joker, Wien, Austria

1989 Gallery MJC, Le Havre, France

1990 Exhibion Hall of Congress and Conference Center , Budapest, Hungary

1992 Exhibition Hall Puerta de Toledo, Madrid, Spain

1993 -1996 Gallery Manuel Macías, Madrid, Spain

1994 Exhibition Hall Avila, Avila, Spain

1995 Exhibition Hall Real Circulo Artístico, Barcelona, Spain

1996 Museum of History, Tenerife, Spain

1996 Exhibition Hall Antiguo Cabildo Insular, El Hierro, Spain

1996 Exhibition Hall Casa Salazar, Santa Cruz de la Palma, Spain

1996 Exhibition Hall Juan Ismael de Cabildo Insular, Fuerteventura, Spain

1996 Exhibition Hall, Lanzarote, Spain

1996 Exhibition Hall Palomita, Gran Canaria, Spain

1996 Exhibition Hall Casa de Colón, La Gomera, Spain

1997 Vasarely Museum , Budapest, Hungary

1999 Art-Expo, International Art Fair , Budapest, Hungary

2002 Galllery Estudio Doctor Fourquet-29, Madrid, Spain

2002 Gallery Kapzartmosphere, Miami, USA

2004 Exhibition Hall Festöterem, Sopron, Hungary

2005 Museum of the City of Madrid, Madrid, Spain

2006 Exhibition Hall Barabás Villa, Budapest, Hungary

2007 Gallery Tribeca, Madrid, Spain

2007 Gallery Dionis Bennassar, Madrid, Spain

2008 Gallery Rodin, Szentende, Hungary

2008 Gallery A21, Madrid, Spain

2009 Gallery IX., Budapest, Hungary

2012 Exhibition Hall Club Génova, Madrid, Spain

2012 Exhibition Hall House of Dialogue, Budapest, Hungary

2012 Zenit Palace Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

2012 Exhibition Hall Tryp Orly, San Sebastián, Spain

2012 Exhibition Hall Windsor, Du Palais, Biarritz, France

2013 Gallery Arte Nueva York, New York, USA

2014 Exhibition Hall Club 567, Madrid, Spain

2014 Exhibition Hall Navarrete, Logroño, Spain

2015 SportAccord Convention Sochi, Russia

2015 Gallery Templom “Lovers Festival”, Szentgotthárd, Hungary

2015 Gallery Alhóndiga, “International Music Festival”, Medinaceli, Spain

2015 World Expo in Milan, Augusto Caravati Hall, Varese, Italy

2016 Modern Art Museum, Terragni Palace, Monza-Lissone, Italy.

2017 Hungarian Academy of Sciences Palace, Budapest, Hungary

2021 Kempinski Corvinus, Ar2day Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2022 Papp László Arena, Judo Grand Slam, Budapest, Hungary.


1988 Museum of Modern Art , Brussels, Belgium

1993 Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland

1994 Zarzuela Palace, Madrid, Spain

1995 National Gallery of Hungary , Budapest, Hungary

1995 Víg Theatre, Budapest, Hungary

1997 Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary

1998 Libri House, Budapest, Hungary

2001 National Library of Spain , Madrid, Spain

2001 Museum of Kremlin , Moscow, Russia

2003 Orensanz Foundation , New York , USA.

2008 Cervantes Institut , Budapest , Hungary

2009 Volvo Battinver, Madrid, Spain

2011 Auditorio National, Madrid , Spain

2011 Spanish Film Institute , Madrid, Spain

2011 Stadium Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid, Spain

2011 Galileo Galilei, Madrid, Spain

2012 President Palace of Hungary, Budapest, Hungary

2012 Embassy of Hungary in Spain, Madrid, Spain

2012 Serbian House Madrid, Spain

2012 Romanti Art Center, Vigo, Spain

2013 New York Artexpo 2013, New York, USA

2013 Zaballos Lawyers, Madrid, Spain

2013 Hungarian House, Los Ángeles, USA

2013 CILAS, San Diego, USA

2014 Larios Café, Madrid, Spain

2017 Combat Public Statue, Budapest Széchenyi Square, Hungary

2018 Memorial plaque for the Hungarian Embassy, Madrid, Spain

2019 Combat public Statue, International Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland

2019 Bokobo Art, White Lab Expo Center, Madrid, Spain

2019 Foundation Zaballos, Hotel Intercontinental, Madrid, Spain

2021 Judo World Championship, PappLászló Arena, Budapest, Hungary

2021 Exhibition Hall Lipa, Szentgotthárd, Hungary

2021 Gotthard Therme, Szentgotthárd, Hungary

2021 Consulate General of Hungary, Innsbruck-Tyrol, Austria

2022 Museum of the City, Topolya, Serbia

2022 Exhibitions Hall, Székelyudvarhely, Romania

2022 Exhibition Hall Vigadó, Budapest, Hungary

2022 Exhibition Hall Bálna, Budapest, Hungary

2022 Castle Museum, Siklós, Hungary

2022 Exhibition Hall Lipa, Szentgotthárd, Hungary

2023 Hotel Intercontinental, Madrid, Spain

2023 Occo Art Gallery, Madrid Spain

Other works

1992 Created poster “Contemporari artist” to movies Hunnia, Budapest, Hungary

1993 Created CD cover to the Warner Bros. Company, Budapest, Hungary

1995 Official picture of the hundred years old Hungarian Olympic Committee, Budapest, Hungary

1996 Official picture of the first World Rider Festival, Hungary

2000 Created his architectural work “ La Caja de Cristal “ near Madrid, Spain

2004 Official picture to the Anniversary of the Seur Company, Madrid, Spain

2004 Open his Salon the Art in Budapest, Hungary

2005 Created picture for Group Winer Friends, Madrid, Hungary

2006 Founding the Foundation Apoyo el Arte ® in Madrid and in Budapest

2010 Official picture “ Homenaje Ferenc Liszt” for the Hungarian president in the Union Europe, Madrid, Spain

2011 Created “Puskás” picture to the Museum of Real Madrid, Madrid, Spain

2011 Created poster and scenery design to the Paco Orellana´s concert, Madrid, Spain

2012 Nominated for the Spanish President of the Panorama World Club

2013 Created “ El maestro Santiago de Santiago” to the Museum of Santiago in Madrid, Spain

2014 Created several murals to Laboratories Igen BioLab, Madrid, Spain

2014 Created with Ángel Ostariz OLORARTE perfume, Madrid, Spain

2014 Created sculpture “ADN” to Laboratories Igen BioLab, Madrid, Spain

2016 Created the “Patria ”monument in memory of the Hungarian revolution of 1956, Madrid, Spain

2017 Creates the brass memorial plaque of the former Hungarian Embassy in Madrid, Madrid, Spain

2017 Created “Ipon” picture to the International Judo Federation, Budapest, Hungary

2017 Created “Puskás” picture to the Puskás Museum, Felcsút, Hungary

2017 Created ”Combat” bronze public statue for IJF order for the World Judo Championship, Budapest, Hungary

2017 Created 25 numbered bronze trophy for the IJF Gala, Budapest, Hungary

2017 Created „Ipon-Nipon” mural for Hungarian Judo Federation, Budapest, Hungary

2019 Created 8 numbered bronze trophy for Foundation Zaballos, Madrid, Spain

2021 Created 30 bronze trophy for Hungarian Judo Federation for the Judo World Championship, Budapest, Hungary

2021 Created „Las armonías de Arte Deco” mural for la Clí nica Ruíz de Burgos, Madrid, Spain

2021 Created “Banistas” mural for Szentgotthárd Mayor’s Office, Szentgotthárd, Hungary

2021 Created several pictures for Hungarian-Slovenian Association St. Gotthárd, Hungary

2022 Created “Felicitat”, portrait painting of Italian singer Al Bano, Budapest, Hungary.

His works in Institutional Collections

Zarzuela Palace in Madrid, Spain

Collection President of France, Jaques Chirac, Paris, France

Collection President of Hungary, János Áder, Budapest, Hungary

Colection President of Russia, Putin, Moscú, Russia

Collection President of Hungary, Pál Schmitt, Budapest, Hungary

Collection President of Mongolia, Battulga, Ulan Bator, Mongolia

Collection President of Slovenia, Borut Pahor, Llubljana, Slovenia

Collection President of Ukraina, Bolodir Zelenski, Kiev, Ukraina

Collection Mario Vargas Llosa, Madrid, Spain

Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary

National Gallery of Hungary, Budapest, Hungary

Teather París, París, France

Gallery Art 3000, París, France

Collection Pierre Cardín, París, France

National Bank of Tailand, Tailand

Group Grafistaff, Madrid, Spain

Headquarters of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, Budapest, Hungary

Expo-Arte, Madrid, Spain

Gallery Rochefoucauld, París, France

Collection Europen Universitas, Alicante, Spain

Equestry Museum, Kecskemét, Hungary

Real Círculo Artístico, Barcelona, Spain

Gallery Unwin, Berlin, Germany

Collection Association Belgian-Hispanic for the Goya Prize, París, France

University of Laguna, Tenerife, Spain

Gallery O&L, Wien, Austria

Collection National Lotto of Hungary, Budapest, Hungary

Museum of Modern Art, Brussels, Belgium

Group ESMA, Budapest, Hungary

Collection Juan Gyenes, Madid, Spain

Hotel Unio, Budapest, Hungary

Circulo Catalán, Madrid, Spain

Group Pilu, Budapest, Hungary

Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland

Foundation Masterbranch, Budapest, Hungary

Collection de Casa y Jardín, Madrid, Spain

Museum Vasarely, Budapest, Hungary

Foundation Orensanz, New York, USA

National Library of Spain, Madrid, Spain

Museum Kreml, Moscow, Russia

National office of Turism Hungary, Madrid, Spain

Garth Philips collection, Toronto, Canada

Group Júbilo, Madrid, Spain

Editorial Libri, Budapest, Hungary

Collection Necesitogestoria, Madrid, Spain

Group Ceasar, Budapest, Hungary

Chemol Travel, Budapest, Hungary

Group TDA, Madrid, Spain

Group Winer friends, Madrid, Spain

Gallery Rodin, Szentendre, Hungary

Cristóbal Gabarrón Museum, Valladolid, Spain

Collection Aurgi, Madrid, Spain

Hotel Medos, Budapest, Hungary

Collection Belzuz Lawyers, Madrid, Spain

Collection Group Fórum, Budapest, Hungary

Embassy of Hungary, Madrid, Spain

Collection FNAC Spain, Madrid, Spain

Foundation Apoyo el Arte, Madrid, Spain

Collection Group Edda, Budapest, Hungary

Collection Telepizza, Madrid, Spain

Collection Raymond Weil, Madrid, Spain

Foundation Arte y Naturaleza, Madrid, Spain

Business Institute, Madrid, Spain

Gallery Kapz, Miami, USA

Gallery Tribeca, Madrid, Spain

Group Inmobilia, Budapest, Hungary

Headquarters of the Seur Company, Madrid, Spain

Group Ináncsi BHNV, Budapest, Hungary

Gallery Dionis Bennassar, Madrid, Spain

City Council of Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Museum of the City of Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Foundation Alvaro Mutis, Madrid, Spain

Museum of Fine Arts, Cádiz, Spain

Royal Academic the Fine Arts of Cádiz, Cádiz, Spain

Spanish Press Association, Madrid, Spain

Volvo España, Madrid, Spain

Foundation of Real Madrid, Madrid , Spain

Cervantes Institute, Budapest, Hungary

Coleccion Club Financial Génova, Madrid, Spain

Zenit Palace Budapest Hotel, Budapest, Hungary

Museum of Santiago, Madrid, Spain

Collection Club 567, Madrid, Spain

Laboratories Igen BioLab, Madrid, Spain

Spanish Historical Heritage collection, Madrid, Spain

International Judo Federation, Budapest, Hungary

Puskás Museum, Felcsút, Hungary

Olimpia Park Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland

Headquartel Hungarian Judo Federation, Budapest, Hungary

Consulate of Hungary in Madrid, Spain

Foundation Zaballos, Madrid, Spain

Civil Guard, Madrid, Spain

Spanish Red Cross, Madrid, Spain

Rosa Blanca Corporation, Colombia

Ruíz de Burgos Clinic, Madrid, Spain

Mongol Embassy, Budapest, Hungary

Presidential Palace, Llubljana, Slovenia

Szentgotthárd Mayor’s Office, Szentgotthárd, Hungary

Termal Spa Center St. Gotthárd, Szentgotthárd, Hungary

Slovenian-Hungarian Cultural Center, Lendva, Slovenia

Hungarian Academy of Arts, Budapest, Hungary

Kárpáti-Vasarely Collection, Budapest, Hungary.

Al Bano collection, Cellino San Marco, Italy.

Emilio Butragueno collection, Madrid, Spain

Rafael Nadal collection, Mallorca, Spain

Isabel Diaz Ayuso collection, Madrid, Spain

Unidad Militar de Emergencias collection, Madrid, Spain

Brigada de Salvamiento Minero collection, Asturias, Spain

Caritas España collection, Madrid, Spain

Hospital Ruber collection, Madrid, Spain

Ejercito del Aire collection, Madrid, Spain

Grupo Starlite collection, Marbella, Spain

Juezas Afganas, collection, Kabul, Afganistán